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Registration/login related issues
Q、Why I cannot receive he verification code after registeration?
Q、How to register a DataRolls account?
Q、How can I delete my account?
Q、How can I do if I forget my password?
Q、Why I failed to login?
Surveys related issues
Q、I don't want to receive the survey invitation email, I just want to participate in the survey direct
Q、Why I cannot get points after completing the survey?
Q、Why did the survey I participating prompted me that I had participated before?
Q、Why can't I sometimes enter the survey?
Q、If you cannot return to homepage and the system cannot record your answer, what does the situation m
Q、Why do I rarely get the survey invitation although I have been in the DataRolls for some time?
Q、Why are my points being deducted?
Q、How can I do so that I will not miss the chance to do the surveys?
Q、Why do I show that I am not eligible or the quota is full after I participate in the survey?
Q、What is a business survey?
Q、Newly joined, how do I do the survey?
Members' welfare
Q、Can vote earn points?
Q、How to refer friends?
Q、Except for earning points from tasks, any other ways to earn points?
Redemption related issues
Q、Unsuccessful redemption points will be returned, why?
Q、How long does it take for my cash redemption?
Q、How to redeem points to cash?
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